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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Jaishreekrishna to all Kapol brothers and sisters !


               It has been five long years since I started this website. I remember it was 5th July 2006 Jalaram Hall where I made a power point presentation about this website. Shri. Mathuradas Mehta was the chief guest.

               After the presentation, I met lots of people saying the idea was good but it was too premature.

               Someone said to me Tamaro vichar saras che punn loko pase computer kya che ? Computer hoy to website juve ne ?

               At that time I knew that it was indeed early to launch KapolSamaj.com but I was convinced and had a vision that in ten years time everyone in the world would be connected through the internet. With that conviction I launched the first version of this website only in English. Over a period to time I realised that I need to cater to all classes of people within our community. As time passed by I kept on adding gujrati songs, shreenathji photos, obituary column. And today it is a full blown website with video and photo gallery, national news, stock prices, matrimonial, yellowpages, databank etc., As social networking sites like facebook, twitter, orkut etc., caught frenzy, I added Facebook and Twitter on www.kapolsamaj.com website to make it more vibrant. I was myself surprised to see that since its launch on 11 Jan 2011, there are at least 50 new visitors getting connected through FB. Those who laughed at me during its first launch at Jalaram Hall, Vileparle are shaking hands with me and giving compliments.

               As everyone knows, in this day of globalisation and social networking, the only way to keep our community together is through medium of internet. Off course, there are various social organisations, trusts, groups from our kapol community organising various events throughout the year. However, I have noticed and after a lot of research I have found that younger lot is not very keen in attending these type of events organised by our social groups. They are fast and do not have patience. For them mobile and internet is there world. They like chatting and dating on the web. And as time passes, there will be video conferencing on mobile, face to face communication on mobile itself. And surely that time is only a few years away.

Jago kapol jago !!

Lets all get connected and build our life together. Happy surfing !

Founder www.kapolsamaj.com
CA.Bharat B. Desai


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